Tortola Sailing & Covid-19 Part 1

Early March 2020 - BVI

We were busier than normal with bookings, calendar was full all the way through to the start of May and Lloyd & Andy were grabbing a day off between classes when they could, life was good! 18th birthdays are a big deal in the UK so as a surprise to my son I jumped on a flight to London to spend some time with him for a few days before his birthday. Covid-19 was around but was more a problem for China, Italy and Spain so it didn’t really feel like a concern.

Mid March 2020 - London

I had been in the UK for a week, had only spent a few days with my son, and things were escalating quickly and then President Trump announced that there would be a travel ban on any non US nationals flying into the US from the UK. My flight transited back through Orlando and I had to get back to the BVI fast before I got stuck. A few frantic calls and flight changes and I was on one of the last flights out of London into the US.

Mid March 2020 - BVI

I finally arrived back on Tortola on the 17th March. We had sailing classes running and the students were getting nervous about getting back to the US. Upon arrival at immigration I was told that I had to self quarantine for two weeks before being allowed back outside. The BVI did not have any reported cases but there was a lot of anxiety in the air. The classes finished normally and the students headed back to the US.

End of March 2020 - BVI

Every few days I had a call from the BVI occupational health department asking how I was and if I was developing any symptoms; they were really taking it seriously. I was absolutely fine, bored to tears but at least healthy and was counting down the days before I would be let out again! With just two days to go of my self quarantine the BVI government announced it’s first reported case and that the entire country would lock down with a full 24 hour curfew. We could not leave our homes for any reason, no provisioning, no exercise, nothing. Lloyd quickly made plans to leave the island and head to Barbados where his Dad lives, Andy tried to get a flight booked but the airline cancelled his flight out, and Diane decided she was going to sit it out in the BVI. The new regular had begun.

To be continued, Part 2 making a plan…..